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Autism horror films (11 images)

Horror films in which a leading character has autism, or in which autism is used as a plot device. Stuart Neilson's blog and Gallery home page.
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Autism-feature-films (75 images)

This is a collection of mainstream feature films about autism or featuring characters with an autism spectrum diagnosis. In some cases the audience has stated a belief that a character is autistic, even though this is not explicit in the film. A link to the Internet Movie Database and to a relevant Wikipedia article is provided for every film, and my own comments if I have seen it. Stuart Neilson's blog and Gallery home page. I am interested in films that portray autism in realistic ways, or at least in useful ways. Hollywood and Bollywood films play to exceptionalism and tragedy more than printed fiction, and a disabled hero overcoming tragedy has lead to several Oscar successes. As with films about other oppressed groups, it is common to use autism or an autism cocktail as a backdrop to a self-sacrificing saviour - an even surer route to Oscar success in creating a feel-good film that the oppressing majority can be comfortable with.
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<![CDATA[Autism films]]> Autism films

Autism films

Brief reviews of feature films and documentaries either about autism (including Asperger syndrome), or in which autism has widely been assumed in one or more leading characters. Stuart Neilson's blog and Gallery home page.
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