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Limpsfield Grange School - M is for Autism
The Students of Limpsfield Grange School - "M is for Autism"
M is thirteen and desperately wants to be 'normal', to have friends and to do the things that all other girls do - if only she was not troubled by so much anxiety. Everything seems to work perfectly in the fictional world of the series Skylar, but does not translate to real life. This book arose when the students of Limpsfield Grange said that there was no book about autism for people like themselves, and set about writing one with the help of creative writing facilitator Vicky Martin. It is beautifully illustrated throughout (you must read this on an iPad or laptop as well, if you have the Kindle version), with visual type-setting to modify the impact of the text. M tells the story of her anxiety, her family, not fitting in, counselling and finally of diagnosis. The diagnosis is told in a positive way, but with nuances about the value of the labels "with autism" or "autistic". It is a fresh and vibrant first-hand account of autism in teenage.
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