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Moggach, Lottie - Kiss Me First
Moggach, Lottie - "Kiss Me First"
Leila is a socially isolated young woman who finds the real, face-to-face world bewildering and painful. She spends most of her time communicating online with the pseudonymous identities of the virtual world, shielded from the amusement and anger that her awkwardness generates in real life. Her virtual and real worlds collide as a result of her decision to take up home-based employment living the virtual persona of another woman.
Leila's moral and emotional understandings of the consequences of her decision is at completely at odds. The disconnection leads Leila on a personal search for both the real persona she has been impersonating and for her own feelings. Leila is not diagnosed or labelled with any condition and the exploration of her (lack of) understanding of her emotions is all the more powerful for avoiding a label or stereotype.
Guardian review