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Ryan, Estelle - Gauguin Connection, The
Ryan, Estelle - "The Gauguin Connection", "The Courbet Connection" and "The Flinck Connection" Genevieve Lenard is an insurance investigator with something "you may choose to call high functioning autism" in this series of mystery thrillers. She is also gifted with an acute understanding of human interactions and the emotions that underlie them - her particular asset in her work is assessing truth in video sequences of the non-verbal communication that accompanies spoken statements. These exceptional talents are accompanied by rigidity of routine and sensory sensitivities that present considerable challenges in navigating work, social settings and home life. Her employer is particularly accomodating - but, as in real life, this is conditional accomodation, providing the supports necessary to utilise the skills of an exceptional employee. This mixed skills profile of autism with a talent in an area often difficult for people with autism is common - most people do not "tick all the boxes" of autism. I struggle with recognizing emotions (including my own) and found Genevieve hard to relate to my own life.
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