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Scott, Ginger - How We Deal With Gravity
Scott, Ginger - "How We Deal With Gravity"
Avery Abbot is a single mother utterly dedicated to raising her 6-year-old son Max, ensuring that nothing unexpected tips the delicate balance of his life with autism. Her school crush Mason Street, a talented musician, returns to their home town to do exactly that, by falling in love with her. Mason shows a great insight into Max's autistic mind, his need for space and the difficult compromise between social over-exposure and social isolation. The difficulties of parents "traveling uphill every minute of every day" (and doubly so for single parents) is expressed well. The degree to which people battle uphill against ignorance and social attitudes (rather than autism itself) is drawn very clearly. Her father's final lesson, that "it's okay to mess up" the planned exactness of life with Max, is one that many people could learn from. The book offers no first-person perspective from Max, explaining his outlook and behaviour.
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