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Simsion, Graeme - The Rosie Project
Simsion, Graeme - "The Rosie Project", "The Rosie Effect"
These books are a delight, particularly as Professor Don Tillman is of a similar age and background to me. A central premise of the plots is that Don is not diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, although he is aware of it and decided not to pursue an assessment at some time in the past. The books are funny, clever and full of perceptive discussion of Don's suitability as a lover, a partner and a father. Various viewpoints are presented, from colleagues, through social services to the police, often with hilarious misunderstandings. The same misunderstandings, in real life, have potentially tragic consequences and it is a great way to raise awareness. A running theme is the effort that a man with Asperger syndrome must make to be romantic and caring - effort, on consideration, that everyone should be applying to their relationships. True love is hard work, and means repeating "I love you" long after the first time.
Guardian review